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Start a Local Litter Clean Up Group

Why Start a Local Litter Clean Up Group?
If you care about keeping our parks and waterways litter free, join the movement. Forming a chapter is an opportunity to meet and work with other that have similar interests.

What are the steps for starting a clean up group?
  • Contact us. We will work with you and can call on our members to help you.
  • Plan an organizing meeting. Make contacts with any resource available locally: garden clubs, students groups, teachers, and park and nature center directors.
  • Host a meeting for all those who are interested in helping form a  group.  If you would like to start an official group, use the “generic” bylaws from us as a starting point for discussion and assign someone to write the  final copy.
  • Have a sign-in sheet for all attendees, with name, phone  number, and email address, so you can send them notices of future  meetings. We have sign up templates for you to use.
  • You can also request litter clean up kits from us for use at your litter clean up event. See the Equipment Loan page.

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